Justice Intro

I hope this website goes everywhere, especially to zipcodes where the most people go to jail. 

One thing that is very wrong about crime, besides crime itself, 
is the way that some law and court professionals use falsehoods to try to speed up the judicial process 
or get an unfair advantage in a case. This section is my feedback of the judicial system.

I'm not an ex-offender or a justice professional of any kind.  Nor do I have an arrest record.
I'm an ordinary citizen. 

But I know something about 'Best Practices'. And I know to achieve best practices, every aspect of an organization or process has to be shredded and every piece analized for flaws. And this article is about shredding and analyzing our judicial system, from the perspective of someone who votes, and therefore has the power to elect Sheriffs, County Attorneys, some Judges, and elect the officials that appoint other Judges and Public Defenders.

Annndd, I believe the Golden Rule has a place in our judicial system, 
for the the US Constitution has power over Americans only as long as we each live, 
but the Bible and the Golden Rule have power over us for all eternity.
The US Constitution does not give us immunity from the Bible or the Golden Rule  
And God sees every lie for what it is.

Go listen-in on what Barton is doing… 

Eric J. Rose 
photo: https://mustreadalaska.com/seven-apply-for-alaska-supreme-court-vacancy/ 
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