Expectations 4

The photo above is from the 1930s, where a woman is unable to feed her children.

A lot of kids reading this, are in single-parent homes, blended homes, or in foster homes. 
Except for the death of a parent, or a national  disaster, child-homelessness is because one or both parents have failed. 

And you need to learn, that when moms and dads break apart, it is often because of selfishness. 

To be happy, part of growing up is learning to set expectations for the person you might marry and make a baby with. 
The surest way for your children to have parents that love each other, is to not make a baby until you are married. 

As a father of 3 kids, I wouldn’t let my children date until they were each 18 years-old. 
Then when they began dating, they would be legal adults that could be held to their responsibilities. 

You will have the best adult life, if you set this first romantic expectation of yourself; that you won’t date until you are a legal adult, and you won’t practice to make a baby until you are actually married. Not even as a ‘fiancé’.  

Next, How productive would you expect your spouse to be? Some boys grow up fatherless, with a mom that works. 
Those boys might expect to stay home as men, play videos all day, and have their wives wife earn the money. 
Girls, I hope you wouldn’t accept this. He needs to prove that he is willing and qualified to earn the money it takes to support his family. 
I believe in men paying for dates and for women enjoying dates the man can afford and still keep good tires on his car. 
This behavior is what makes marriages work. While many wives work, God holds the husband/father responsible for providing food for his children. (1 Timothy 5:8)

When a man and a woman go on a date and the man pays, the girl doesn't owe him anything physical in return.
He is courting her; proving what kind of huband he would be. 
The only real reason to date is to find a suitable spouse. Not ready for marriage? Don't date.

A big part of marriage is living on what you can afford, according to your job skills.
Trade school is good for a young man to investigate and complete before he dates and marries, 
because it will help him support his family. 

Girls, don’t get in a hurry to be romantic. There are a lot of 30-ish year-old women who had a boyfriend at 14, 
but now have trouble getting a husband as an adult woman, because they have kids that no man wants to help raise, 
including the bio-dads . 

Many times, girls have to choose between having a boyfriend as a teenager, or having a husband in her 30’s. 
Don’t let your teenage-self, ruin life for your 30 year-old self. 
Grow up first, then look around for a young man with reliable job skills, who likes the adult woman you are. 
And yes, you need to think he is cute.

A girl doesn't need to prove to other girls that she can attract a male. Not at any age. 
If that's the way your group works, you need to find a different group.  
If you aren't old enough to vote, you don't need any men in your life but your daddy and grandpas and uncles. 

Guys, once you reach a certain age, you will be attracted to girls for reasons that you may not understand now. 
But back-off the romantic stuff.  
If you can’t keep gas in your car, or don’t have a car, how are you going to feed a baby that romance can bring? 

And it’s not any grandparent's job to feed your babies. 
It’s the bio-dad's job to make sure the baby’s needs are met. 

Romance without marriage is one thing that puts kids into terrible step-families.

And killing an unborn baby through abortion is so bad, so... 
Guys, stay away from romance until you can afford a wife and child, because romance makes babies. 

Eric J. Rose 
photo: rarehistoricalphotos.com
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