Expectations 5

Have you ever seen someone carrying a heavy load? 
Did you ever wonder what was in the sack they were carrying? 
Did you ever wonder if the load they were carrying, was worth the effort to required to carry it? 

Can I share another secret,? 

Every expectation is a load someone has to carry. 

Sometimes we burden ourself with unnecessary expectations, and those loads. 
Sometimes we burden others with unfair expectations, and the loads oure expectations create. 
Some people refuse to carry reasonable expectations.
and some people have expectations of others that no one can carry. 

A big part of picking friends, mentors, or a spouse, is determining who knows how to carry a fair load. 
You don’t want people in your life who won't carry any load. 
And, you don’t want people in your life who try to carry everyone else’s load. 
You want people in your life that know how to carry a reasonable load. 

And, if you won't carry any kind of load as an adult, you don't deserve to be happy. Or be fed. Or have a place to live.
In a traditional family, where the wife is a full-time mother and homemaker, she carries her own special kind of load.

When someone in your group says, “Let’s go get pizza!” That person should be the first person to pull out money to pay their shair. 

‘Shair’ is a word I made up. 
It means ‘fair-share’. 

People who like to tell stories, should also like to listen to stories from others, but many of them don’t. 
They talk just to be the center of attention. 

Barton had a knack for knowing which people carried their shair. 
He went to the Iowa State Fair several times, and one year, saw a hot air balloon. 
He said that some people he knew were like those balloons. 
They are full of hot air but couldn’t carry much of a load, for the size of their mouths. 

Eric J. Rose 
photo: Jstor
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