I need to tell you a secret about Annetta. 

Annetta's mother didn’t like her. As a result, Annetta had emotional problems and learning problems. 
Annetta physically resembled her mother's aunt, Aunt Cloaca.
Cloaca was mean to Annetta's mom as a child. 
so then, Annetta’s mom was mean to Annetta. 

Finally, Annetta's mom persuaded Annetta’s father that Annetta needed to go to the poor farm.
Annetta's father was a weak man. 

This is sad and terrible at the same time. Some families are mean, and the kids don’t even realize it. 

One part of growing up is, as a young adult, we each need to assess our parents, 
to see how they succeeded, so we can copy their successes, 
and to see how they have failed, so we can avoid those failures.
But as we get older and have children of our own, we often see fewer intentional flaws in our parents, 
and more simple ignorance of other people's feelings.

But some kids have parents with intentional flaws, like Annetta's mother.

But, there are times when even young children can see their parents are failing and need intervention. 
Especially when they see siblings being abused, and they know it’s not normal or healthy or loving. 

Eric J. Rose
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