Here are a few observations that will make you a safer, happier driver. 

1) The car in front of you sort-of owns you. When you’re on a one-lane road and can’t pass safely, 
     the car in front decides how fast you go, when you stop, when you start, etc.    Fact. 

2) Driving the speed limit is not a human right. Driving the speed limit is not a Constitutional Right. 
    The posted speed limit is a recognized measurement of a safe speed for a certain road, UNDER IDEAL CONDITIONS.
3) The speeder who gets angry at someone driving the posted speed limit needs anger management classes. 

4) Often, speeders are simply poor time-managers:
    a) Some refuse to leave on time, so they can arrive on time. They expect to catch-up their time on the road. 
    b) Others, try to do too many things in one errand trip, when there is a time-limit. 
        Again, they feel they have the right to speed to stay on schedule. This happens a lot during lunch hours.
   c) A third kind of speeder is the long-distance commuter, who doesn’t want to move closer to the job, 
       but wants to get home when everyone else does. 
   d) And lastly, a wife can turn her husband into a speeder by refusing to be ready on time. 
       In that case, should the wife should also get a speeding ticket? 
      Or what about kids who refuse to be ready to go to school on time, so their mother thinks she needs to speed? 
      Should the kids be ticketed, or not be able to get their learner’s permits until later in life?
5) States with motorcycle helmet laws have 1/3 fewer head-injury deaths for motorcyclists. 

Eric J. Rose 
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