Pick Your Disease

This article is written with strong truths. 

There are many difficulties that children can be born with, and there are accidents and crimes that can damage us too. 
But there are a few diseases, and many injuries, that almost always require our active participation, 
the way we would subscribe to a website. 

Yes, we have to participate in these behaviors, to catch the consequences. 
I know a lot of dead people who dug their own graves with the choices they made.
Free will is involved. Let’s look at a few lifestyles that harm our long-term health: 

One is being careless around chemicals, because they can enter through our lungs, eyes, mouth, etc. 

I have several old injuries, that while I didn’t plan them, I ignored safety rules that produced medical consequences. 
One of them was riding my son’s scooter, flipping over on a piece of gravel in the road and fracturing both forearms. 
Also, forsaking helmet and seat belts add to the number of early deaths and lives spent in wheelchairs. 

Over-eating contributes to many medical problems. Obesity can bring Type 2 Diabetes, which can bring:
loss of limbs through amputation, 
heart disease through clogged veins 
worn-out joints from carrying too much weight 
Infertility, gallstones, and several types of cancer. 
emotional isolation,
Morbid obesity is also very restricting to travel and everyday getting-around. 

Enjoying the food we 'need to eat'.........is far different than ‘eating for pleasure’.
Eating for pleasure, beyond what we need, is life-shortening. 
Eating for pleasure, beyond what we need, is life-shortening.

Tobacco use (smoked or chewed) can cause several types of cancer, 
Smoking can lead to COPD, which can mean a breathing machine. 

Substance abuse, apart from tobacco, includes smoked, swallowed and injected substances, and can give us:

Shared-needle diseases, 
heart stoppage, 
brain damage, 
organ damage, 
lung damage from smoking drugs, 
kidney and liver damage from the body trying to filter out the poisons that drug abuse introduces to the body. 
Jail time from drug use that helps us make bad choices
This includes alcohol abuse. 

Sharing baby-seeds outside of marriage opens people up to diseases, unplanned pregnancies, and unplanned financial responsibilities. 

And let’s not forget that many people with these ailments, injuries and diseases, are unable to drive, 
and some need to wear adult diapers. 
And might be unable to work, and thus become poor. Real poor. 

These are choices that I hope you will avoid. 
And woes can come to us more quickly when we combine bad habits, like overeating, overdrinking and tobacco use. 
They multiply the consequences. 

Cause and effect.......

Eric J. Rose 
photo: https://www.memphisrecovery.com/about-memphis-recovery-centers/ 
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