Don't Love Me!

Some kids act awful at school. Adults call that ‘acting-out’. 
Acting-out is a when a kid (or an adult) puts anger/fear into a relationship inappropriately. 

Some people make excuses for children that act-out in school, due to 'a disorder', 
but understand this: 

Everyone has the right to be safe in their home and everywhere in public. 
Everyone, no matter their age, who physically abuses others, especially the young or frail, should be dealt with. 
Every child has a right to feel safe in their home, school and on the playground. 
You have the right to be safe in your classroom, lunchroom and playground, no matter who would try to bully you. 

Now, then: Why do some kids act-out at school, creating a fuss when a fuss is not necessary? 
Often it is because they know two specific things: 

1) Someone at home doesn’t love them like they should. 
2) Someone, not a relative, might love them more than their own relatives. 

It’s hard on kids (and adults) to know that a stranger cares more about them than their own family does. 
Family is supposed to love you most of all, more than anyone else.

But many kids don't have that kind of love at home.
And since they can’t make their families love them more, some of them try to make strangers hate them, 
so it will look like their families loves them more. Can you see how that works? 
I taught 4th Grade Sunday school and I saw it often there, and have seen it with older people in nursing homes.

I know this is really grown-up stuff, but this is true for some people, including school mates. 

And if you are the kid doing the acting-out, consider your ways, 
accept the fact your heart has a lot of growing up to do
before you can ever truly love someone or be a respectable adult. 
You will have to learn how to accept love from someone other than your own family. 

I’m sure that is a tough thing to admit, but a lot of people need to learn this. 

Eric J. Rose 
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