Always Right

Some people think they are always right, and they can be difficult to be around. They might be family.

They are like the dog in the picture. They will be angry with you if you do not agree with them. 
These people are toxic. 

While everyone thinks they know what they know, some insist they know everything about everything. 

Why is this? 
If knowledge is power, as the old saying goes, it is because knowledge carries  authority. 
So if someone has knowledge, they carry some authority, 
and they expect others to sumbit to them, and to recognize their superiority.

But the problem is: 
1) No one but God knows absolutely everything 
2) Sometimes, more than one thing can be right at the same time. 
There is more than one recipe for cake frosting, but some people will insist there is only one recipe. 
There are at least two ways to get to the North Pole, but some people insist there is only one. See what I mean? 

There are three types of ‘always-right’ people. 
1) Those people who, if who you say off-handedly something to them they don’t agree with, 
      will jump-in and argue you down on that topic. 
2) Those people who butt-in on others’ conversations, and argue-down anyone that disagrees with their opinion. 
3) Those who entangle other people in questions, just to see what they believe on a certain thing, 
     and then argue them down, until the person agrees or goes silent. 

These are power-hungry people looking minions. 
I have such people in my circle of life. I try to avoid them. 

My mother-in law used to say,   "Those persuaded against their will, are of the same opinion still."

People have a right to believe what they want to believe, understanding they may face consequences for violating rules of physics, state laws, social norms, the Golden Rule etc. 
If you want, you can believe that a cake will bake in 3 minutes, but science will argue with you, and if you are an ‘always-right’ person, when the endeavor fails, you will find yourself screaming at your oven, which can’t possibly give a twit what you think. 

Oddly, these folks may feel like victims when someone disagrees with their 'facts and truths'. Then the anger comes in.
Now you might say, "Didn't you say that anger is caused by fear?'
Yes I did, in this case, 
Fear of being ordinary;  fear of not being special.
Fear of being shown to be wrong.... which is public humiliation, which is an ego issue.

Eric Rose 
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