Impulse Control

The photo above shows a sailor who has trouble with impulse control. 
Someone wasn’t as much in love as he thought. 

Impulse control is an important part of life, especially when we become old enough to go to jail. 
Lack of impulse control sends a lot of young men to jail. 

Sometimes an illegal opportunity presents itself, and the person succumbs to the temptation. 
They get caught and go to jail. 
This is related to ‘cause-and-effect’. 
Where we are now, is the result of what caused us to be here. 

When opportunities or temptations come our way, we need to study the 'cause-and-effect' of our decisions. 
We should decide NOT to do things that harms ourselves or others. 

This is impulse control. 

Sometimes, the temptation to do bad things is handed to us by so-called friends. 
Then if they get caught, they can blame us. 

Deciding not to do stuff that harms ourselves or others, is impulse control. 

Eric J. Rose photo: 
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