People Groups Intro

When we classify people, we separate them into ‘people groups’, for several reasons. 

If we want to study diseases particular to women, we need to separate women from men. 
We also do this to marry. 

 If one people-group claims to suffer discrimination, 
we have to study what kind of lives that people-group have, versus other people. 

We classify people according to age, color, sex, IQ, physical abilities, weight, height, types of diseases, etc. 
As a child, you once belonged to a people-group that were denied seats on amusement park rides.
There’s a scientific reason for that, though it was no fun. 

Sometimes we classify people for good reasons. 
Sometime we classify people for bad reasons. 

In this section, my goal is to surprise you with my thoughts about different people-groups.

Eric J. Rose 
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