Prison Time

There is a lot of talk about different people-groups getting unequal prison sentences for the same crime. 
Those who get longer sentences feel like victims. 

The headline clip shows the problem.

A black man in one part of the country might get four years in prison for a certain crime, 
while a poor white man or black woman gets two years for the same crime, 
while a rich white man or a common white woman gets probation. 
And that’s in the same courtroom. 

Sentences also vary incredibly, from state-to-state, region-to-region, and judge-to-judge. 
While this is a form of injustice, there is a greater injustice to dissect. 

Think of the first-victims of these crimes. 

How do the victims of rich white men feel when their abuser gets probation?
Do you see where this is going?  Part of my job here, is to introduce perspectives that surprise you.

The victims of rich white men suffer more than the victims of poor black men for the same crime, 
partly because the rich white men will  be able to get out quicker and harm again. 
These then, are the real victims of unjust sentencing; the next victims of the under-sentenced criminals. 

If a poor black man should get four years for a certain crime, then all people should get four years; 
not just for the sake of the other offenders, but primarily for the sake of the first victims. 

Eric J. Rose 
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