Why do we get the urge to have ‘stuff’ ? 
It depends partly on the kind of stuff we are talking about. 

There was stuff Barton really needed, and other stuff that Barton sorta wanted.
Mostly, he got what he needed. 
Sometimes, he got what he really didn't need, but enjoyed anyway. 

Life is like that. 

Certain people today are embarrassed when buying basic items. 
They don’t want anything in their lives to be ordinary, and I will tell you the secret why: 

Some folks want to feel special and better than others, so they buy stuff to impress others, and often go broke doing it. 
This is because they’re buying stuff on credit, and many of them lose everything and can even become homeless. 
That has to be humiliating. 

Hard-working, law-abiding people, willing to live with quality, basic items, ignore luxuries, and be happy with simple lives, 
are the most financially secure people. Credit cards shouldn’t be needed to finance daily living needs. 

People who use thrift stores, local swap exchanges and network-sharing, can save money for their basic needs. 
Moms can share clothes of their older children with families with younger children, helping the pocketbook. 
Leaving a piece of furniture on the curb you don’t need anymore might help newlyweds set up housekeeping. 
Grandpas who offer tools they no longer use, can help younger people have tools for their home or occupation. 

Eric J. Rose 
photo: harrisoncenter.org
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