Being bored is an urge; an urge to do something different. 
Or an urge to DO ANYTHING! 

Why do some people get bored while others don’t? 
Some people get bored when there is nothing interesting to do. 
Even when they are doing something that needs done. 

How to keep from getting bored? 

First, if you are bored when doing something that needs done, try to understand why your task is important. 
You may be bored in school while memorizing dates and facts about history. 
Understand that memorizing and being able to thread events together, according to dates, is an important adult skill.
It is part of the 'cause and effect' equation. 
Doctors and police dectectives need this skill to accurately diagnose diseases and find criminals. 
It's easy to get bored when we are expected to quietly listen, when someone else is speaking.
But quietly listening while someone else speaks, is an important adult job skill for football runnng backs and Army Colonels and for nurses. (Colonel has no ‘R’ in it. Can you say it without an ‘R’?) 

Is a curious person more easily bored? I don’t know. I’m very curious, and yes, easily bored at times. 
Yet, my boredom pushes me to pursue things I’m curious about. 
I began writing this book because I had a work assignment in Adel, Iowa, 100 miles from my family, and I spent a lot of evenings alone. I loved my job, but evenings alone in my house were not exciting. 
So instead of wasting time in front of the TV, I began writing ‘Mystery at Dallas County, Iowa’, 
with what I knew about Dallas County. 

It is important to decide not to be bored when you are doing what is necessary; 
if you truly knew how important it is, it wouldn’t bore you. 
Perhaps this is why some classmates don't get bored...they see the adult-importance of what they are learning.

 And if you are bored at home, learn to do something that will help you as an adult. 
Even putting model cars together is helpful; you kinda learn how cars are made, and some adults earn a living by putting cars together. 

Eric J. Rose 
photo: Gfcat 
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