Two Testaments

The Judeo-Christian Bible is an importance source of information about God and His will. 
But why is there an ‘Old Testament’ and a ‘New Testament’? 

There are some Christians do odd things because they try to exactly follow both Testaments at the same time. 
That’s not possible. 

Important organizations have rulebooks, agreed? 
Nearly every school has a student handbook. 
A good handbook will list the goals of the school, and the expected behaviors of both students and teachers.  

Schools make changes in their Student Handbook as necessary. 
One of the biggest changes in the past few years involves cell phones. 
Cell phones were a game-changer for Student Handbooks. 

So why is there both an Old and New Testaments? 

The Old Testament is a document that: 

1) tells the early history of the human race and ancient Israel. 
2) gives clues to God’s personality. 
3) tells people how to live, during the life of that contract . 
4) foretells future events, many of which we see verified in the New Testament.

Then, as God planned and predicted, one Person's life brought the need for a new testament, (a new contract) between God and humans. That was the birth, the life, the teachings, the assassination and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

Jesus Christ was the game-changer that created the need for the New Testament. 

When God began rebuilding humanity with the Ten Commandments, the people involved were a nation of recently free slaves. 
As a newly freed nation of people, they had been slaves for over 400 years, and were given lifestyle requirements handed to them, that God expected them to follow, for many didn’t even know how to be kind to their own people. 

These requirements stayed in place for the Israelites, until Jesus was resurrected from the dead, by the Holy Spirit. 
Then, just as cell phones caused a lot of school's student manuals to be rewritten, 
so did the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, cause the New Testament to be written.

The New Testament is our current contract with God. 

So why do we still read the Old Testament, if its daily rules are now past-tense?
While wise Christians read the New Testament to learn the rules for life today. 
We read the Old Testament to learn the history of Israel. 
But mostly, we read the Old Testament to see the character of God. 
'The Axe Head' is an account from the Old Testament I've included to show how marvelous the Old Testament is.

I urge you to read the New Testament, for guidance, with helps written toward your age group. 
Be aware, some of the rules for today are in both Testaments, so God didn't change Himself, 
but Jesus' resurrection changed the way God deals with people, as the Book of Galatians clearly states.

And the Bible is available on the internet; 
The ‘New International Version’ (NIV)  is the most easily understood version for young Americans.

Eric J. Rose 
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