God Intro

Yes. I believe in God, and I will talk a little about Him here. 
Because at some point we will all meet God. When adults die, we have to answer to Him, for how we lived our lives. 
(I’ve told you that adulthood does not mean complete independence). 

What right do I have to speak about God?
I went to Sunday School for 10 years as a child, and became a born-again Christian in the Fall of 1984,
    and have gone to church nearly every Sunday since then. 
I taught 4th Grade Sunday School for five years in the 1990s, 
and have taken about 30 accredited hours of Bible college classes,

So I am comfortable talking to people of all ages about God. 
I will give you something to think about, if your family doesn’t go to church, and even if they do. 

God is love and He loves you, and He wants you to know Him.

Eric J. Rose
photo:  nasa.gov
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