Getting Help

Getting help that will really help you, depends partly on what kind of help you need.  
The gif above shows how to say 'Help Me' in sign language.

Let’s list a few needs and see who you should go to for help, in their order of usefulness.:

Homework: Teacher, Teacher Assistant, your adults or older siblings 
Injuries at school: Coach, teacher, school nurse or principals office 
Injuries at club or church: Your group leader, parents, 911.
Injuries at home or neighborhood: Your adults, older siblings or neighbor, 911. 
Violence at school: Teacher, school nurse, resource officer, 911. 
Violence at home or neighborhood: School nurse, school resource officer, 911. 

Many smaller towns don’t have School Resource Officers, or City Police, so you may have to contact your County Sheriff’s Office (911). 

Bad touches: 911, your adults, school officials, police or firehouse or hospital. 
You can even walk into any doctor’s office and whisper to the person at the front desk 
that you need to speak to someone about bad touches. 

As this website becomes more complete, I hope to include pieces from different 'helpers' to fill you in on ways you can be helped.

Eric J. Rose 
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