First Day Rule

We had a couple of rules in our family that made it easier to be a kid. 

Front Seat. 

My wife doesn’t drive, so I, their Dad (Eric) did all the driving. 
One rule was the rotating front seat. The seat didn't rotate, but the kids did.
Each kid got their turn in the front seat, when mom wasn’t in the car. 
And the drive-times were calculated, so they spent nearly equal time in the front seat. (More measuring.)

First Day Rule. 

Toys are supposed to be shared. Before we married, my wife supported herself with her own daycare center.
She had a rule; if you brought a toy, you had to share it. Otherwise, leave the toy at home.

Yes, toys are supposed to be shared, but that is tough to do on birthdays and Christmas. 
So we had a rule. Our kids didn’t have to share a new toy for the first 24 hours. 
They liked that. 
If my kids were young again, I would make it a 3-Day Rule. 

Eric J. Rose 
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