Co Workers

Most jobs have supervisors and coworkers. 
The classmates you have, good or bad, will likely grow up to be someone’s coworkers. 

Like classmates, some coworkers can be helpful, hardworking, and nurturing friends. 
Others can be lazy, selfish, mean, and untruthful. 
I hope that you are a good classmate that grows up to be a good coworker. 

Some people resent having to work for wages, and while they are at work, they try to make other people miserable too. 
This is the law of misery; misery tries make more misery. 

Don’t let other people make you miserable about your work. 
Don’t entertain their misery-gossip about others. 
Don’t let them criticize you into being less productive than you should be. 

You have the right to enjoy your work, even if other people wouldn't want your job. 
You have the right to be good at what you do, and to be rewarded for your job skills.
Barton used to enjoy helping clean the part of the barn where the cows were milked at the poor farm. 
It wasn’t part of his official duties, but he liked to see the milking parlor all scooped out, 
and was proud when someone toured the barns and commented about how clean they were.
And little Annetta loved to be complemented on how well she could clean a window. 

What if others wrongly criticize you? 
You have the right defend your reputation to your supervisor about against any charges made against you, 
either to the boss’s face, or through the grapevine by a coworker.  Just like at school.

Your reputation at work is as important as the grades on your report card, 
Your reputation, your credit rating, your employment history, your internet search history, and your legal records 
are some of your report cards as an adult.

Your reputation affects your future and your family’s financial stability.
So don’t let anyone try to steal your good reputation without protest. And be sure your reputation truly is valuable. 

The sign above? 
Some people try to get others to check them in for them at work, so they can be late and still get paid. 
This is a form of lying and a form of stealing. 
Such people are harmful coworkers. 

Eric J. Rose
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