To get a fair perspective on people-treatment in America, we also need to survey other countries and continents, 
to see how they get along, too.

I want to discuss albinos in East Africa. 
Albinos are people who have little or no melanin in their bodies, with little or no coloration, yet live among their much darker, near-kinfolk. African albinos get a lot of grief from other Africans that they share DNA with. 

They are feared and persecuted by those who should be their own people. They come from their own people, 
yet they are very different. Albinos look very different, are treated very differently, and are blamed for things they cannot possibly be responsible for. 

At the same time, they are considered to have magical powers, so witch doctors buy body parts of murdered or dis-interred albinos, and make potions or fetishes with their body parts. Apparently witch doctors make a lot of money in those countries that believe this stuff. 

Tanzania was one country’s name that came up a lot, in research about abused albinos. 

In East Africa countries that practice a lot of witchcraft, political candidates buy potions and fetishes made from albino's bodies or stolen limbs to help them win elections. 

Now with COVID on the scene, those same African oppressors are blaming albinos for COVID, 
because the albinos are light-skinned, similar to Chinese people, and so are getting some of the blame there. 

Eric J. Rose 
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