Free Will

The Oriole bird, shown above, has orange feathers, and strangely, likes to eat from orange-colored birdfeeders, 
and likes to eat oranges. They have trouble peeling them, though. (Joke).  

The Orioles' attraction to everything orange seems to be instinct. 
Instinct is behavior caused by the way a creature is designed to operate. 
Some creatures operate solely by instinct, in a pre-programmed manner, like mosquitos and sharks. 

But some creatures exhibit levels of free will. This means they can decide certain things; like a pet dog preferring one toy over another, or being jealous of the new baby. 
Humans are the creatures most saturated in free will, yet have inborn instincts against fire and falling. 

Sadly, humans are perhaps the most willing to harm their own kind, and it is done through the misuse of free will. 
The basis of much human suffering is because of misused free will. 

Yet, free will is a necessary ingredient in real love. 

 When I was young boy in the 1960's, little girls had dolls with a pull-string. 
The string triggered a tiny record player inside them that would say various things, like, “I love you!” 

Is a toy capable of love? No. 
Would a functional adult feel loved by such a doll? No, real love requires free will. 

God made humans for companionship with Him. God too, wants to be loved. 
He made us capable of loving Him and others. 
But real love requires a free will. 

But , free will also gives us the option to hate. 

If we have the free will to love, we also have the free will to hate. 
And the decision to misuse free will is the root of human sin and pain. 
Free will is a unique form of energy, and it is always moving.

So why does God allow us to use our free will negatively, if it hurts others? 
He gave us the Golden Rule and a conscience, and He expects us to use them both. 
History shows us that God gives us elbow room to express our free wills, and to experience the effect our free wills, 
and the free wills of others. (cause and effect).

I don’t have all the answers, but I know that free will brings the possibility of selfishness, like with bank robbers. 
But free will also brought the kindness of the Watkins toward the folks at the poor farm, so……. 
Free will gives us our only opportunity to love.

Eric J. Rose 
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