Foster Kids

Little Annetta was in the foster care system of her time, in the Dallas County, Iowa poor house. 
Children were handled differently back then. 
Most of the adults at the poor farm loved Annetta, and tried to help her.

This page about foster kids is pretty empty for now, because I will not be writing much of this part.
I am contacting foster organizations, to put me in touch with adults (30+ years-old) who were once in foster care.
They will write articles for this section; they will tell their own stories, within guidelines appropriate for this setting.

They will tell you how they came to be in foster care.
They will tell you how they coped while  living in foster care.
They will tell you how they are succeeeding as adults, and the happiness they have found.
They will tell you what kind of relationships they maintain with blood familiy and with foster family.

My goal is to have 12 different stories; half from males, half from females.
AND, from 6 different people-groups.  Aphabetically:

Alaska Indigenous
Southwest Indigenous

My hope is to create an understanding of foster care, and of foster kids. 
I grew up with three neighbor girls who were fostered. 
We rode the school bus together for 10 years, and played together as kids.

These articles, written by former-foster kids, will give current foster kids  a reason to hope for a happy adulthood, 
if they make the correct choices in life. 

And some of you may come to realize that you have a friend with a family that isn't good to your friend, 
and you may need to help them find help.

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