Acne to Zits 
There are a lot of names for pimples. 

In most of my articles, I use a picture to help describe what I am going to talk about. 
But you already know what zits look like, and there is no funny way to talk about zits to someone that has them. 
Above is a chart that gives you some acne-info. I’m not a doctor, this article is just a pointer. 

Zits are no fun. There was little available when I was young, just scrub your face well, which is still good advice. 

Doctors now say that there are difference types of acne. ‘Inflammatory Acne’ is apparently common. 
Ask your doctor if 'minocycline' would help you, like it did my kids. 
Nothing else helped them. It is available by prescription. 

Not everything can be fixed with an info-mercial. 

Eric J. Rose 
diagram: https://www.aafp.org/afp/2012/1015/p734.html 
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