If Questioned

When a person has been victimized in some fashion, we owe it to the victim and to the victim’s family, to share whatever knowledge we have. But we also need to not be victimized by an officer looking for a quick confession, 
by police who believe that anyone who shared an orbit with a crime is a suspect. 

So, I have to wonder; if I am ever questioned by the police about a crime I have shared an orbit with, 
how should I approach a contact with the police?
Some people say,” Never consent to an interview without a lawyer, because the police will run you through the wringer.” 
While have I seen this happen, I am thrifty, and don’t like to spend money for a lawyer without a good reason, 
so here is how I think I would reply, if asked for an interview by the police: 

I may or may not have any knowledge of the incident, but I will not be twisted into a pretzel for detectives trying to get a quick confession from me for something I didn’t do. Everything I know about the crime can be shared thoroughly in one hour, 
with a competent detective. After one hour, I will quit talking and request to leave. If I am not allowed to leave, 
I presume I will be held, or arrested and booked into custody. 
And our noses must stay at least 3 feet apart at all times or I will quit speaking. No subtle bullying will be allowed.
And the second time you ask me if I did the crime, the questioning will cease.

Too often, I see detectives on TV who see everyone as suspects. They accuse all persons-of-interest of the crime, 
then the ‘suspects’ must prove that they shouldn’t be suspects. That's not the way the US Constitution works. 
It's not "You're guilty until you can prove to a detective that you're innocent. 
A person shouldn't have to defend himself to anyone but a jury. 

There is a difference between 'probable cause' and 'possible cause'.  Correlation does not imply causation.
I don't have to 'clear my name' to detectives; They have to provide evidence that my name should be sullied.

People who share an orbit with a crime should not automatically considered suspects that need to be cleared. 
They should be considered persons-of-interest until they can be qualified as a suspect. 

“…presumed innocent until proven guilty…” 

Eric J. Rose
photo: statsmedic.com
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