Point #1: Every people-group has subsets. 

A subset is a part of a larger group of related things. 
For example, 8th-grade classes will have: 

Left-handed students 
Right-handed students 
Taller-than-average students 
Shorter-than-average students. 
Althetic students
Non-athletic students
Music students
Non-musical students

These are all subsets of 8th graders. 

Point #2: 
Subsets are numerical minorities, which in the adult world, might make them 'political minorities'.
How do small subsets accomplish their goals? 

Here is the lesson: Nearly every minority people-group has to join with other subsets to meet their goals. 
And nearly every people-group has to compromise to gain the numbers they need to reach some of their goals. 

Unfortunately, larger subsets often mislead smaller sunsets to join them, by using false promises. 
One of the largest subsets of people in our country, are those who claim to be disadvantaged or discriminated against, in some manner. When one disadvantaged group joins with others, with a different disadvantage, their voice becomes louder. 

But… in order to join the larger group, the smaller groups often have to compromise or quash their goals to make the whole group more unified and powerful. Sometimes, the most powerful subset in the group takes advantage of them, adding to the group’s voice, while silencing the smaller subset. 

So, is such an alliance it worth it, to the smaller subset? 
Look at the photo above. 

I had never heard of this issue until I randomly came across this photo. Consider what caused single women to protest, about 100 years ago? Many single women who were never asked to marry, had to compete for jobs, against those women who have husbands and homes to go to. 

Do those resentments still exist? I’m absolutely sure those resentments still exist. 
And today’s women with those sentiments are largely silenced. 

My final point: if joining with another subset to strengthen your voice, make sure you’re not just cannon-fodder for another, 
more powerful minority-group. 

I think is what is happening to Black Americans, concerning unregulated, illegal immigration. 
Certain elite white people are using puppet-black-leaders, to convince regular black folks to accept immigration, 
which will ultimately make blacks even poorer and more disadvantaged than they are now. 

The elected black leaders will be the only blacks to profit from the compromise, eh? 
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