Adopted by God

Adopted. Some people reading this are adopted. They’re not with their bio-parents anymore. 
Other adults adopted them as their own children. 

 Adoption has been going on for a long time. 
 Many American kids need to be cared for by people other than their bio-parents.
Annnd… many kids are orphans because their bio-parents had diseases or accidents or crimes. 
Moses in the Old Testament was adopted, so adoption has a long history. 

There is another kind of adoption, for people of all ages, old enough to think properly. 
When we die, we have an opportunity to go heaven. Kids get to go automatically, but adults have to be prepared. 

They first need to be adopted by God. Using the term ‘Heavenly Father’ in prayer, is calling on God as your Dad. 
Since God isn’t our bio-dad, for God to be our father, there needs to be a formal connection. An adoption.

We each need to be adopted by God. Now as a Christian, I believe that the God that Jesus spoke of, is the true God, 
and is also a trinity, as you and I are each a trinity. I asked to be adopted by the God that Jesus spoke of.

And the process of being adopted is also called being ‘born-again’ . This is something we each need to know about, whether we are young or old. The best way to do this is with a relative or a Sunday School class that knows what it means to be born again, 
and believes it is important. 

I know of foster kids who are waiting to be adopted. But we all need to be adopted by God. 
So, in that manner, we are like foster kids; we are all alike. 

Remember Annetta from the poor farm? I wonder if she was ever adopted? I suspect she was. 
She was a sweet girl and word had to get around about how nice she was. 

But even if not, I know that God loved her and wanted her in His family. 

Eric J. Rose photo: 
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