Most Despised

One reason we talk about people-groups, is to solve problems when we don’t agree with each other. 
Solving disagreements is a big deal to the people who feel abused, but not so important to the abusers. 

Notice: there is one, Most-Despised Personage in the history of the World. 
And oddly enough, despised by many of the same people who claim themselves to be victims of discrimination. 
While most people are despised by a few people for a segment of time, this Most-Despised Personage has been hated by some, since humanity began, and will be hated throughout eternity by many. 
How’s that for discrimination? 

Who is this 'Most Despised Personage? 
It’s not Adolf Hitler, or any other of the cruel mortals in your history book. 

I’m speaking of God, the True God, the Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Ghost, proven to be the True God by the resurrection of Jesus after His crucifixion. 

Does God qualify as a people-group? 
I think so.
He is a unique, yet a three-member intellectual being, with all human senses and power beyond human imagination. While humans can invent, God can create. 
He created humanity, the DNA that produces humans, and He created the free will that lets us love or to hate. 

So, do people really hate Him? Yes, this is easily proven by how many people ignore Him. 
Ignoring is often a subtle form of hatred, toward someone more important. 

Using modern social media as an example, we understand what people think of us by how they ‘friend’ us or ‘block’ us. 
We know what others think of us by how many times they ‘like’ or ‘repost’ what we have said. 

Yes, the internet is a near perfect mirror of what we think of God. 
When was the last time you spoke with someone kindly about the True God? 
We should be as affectionate toward God as a rescued puppy is to its hooman.

So, how does this story end? It doesn’t end, for we too, are eternal beings. 

But in the gentlest way possible, I need to ask… if we despise and ignore God throughout our mortal lives, does Heaven await us when our mortal lives end? 

How can we think we deserve Heaven if we despise the One who created and regulates Heaven? 
And would Heaven really be a place of peace and happiness if it contained people who hate God, for whatever reason? 
And what then, will come of our children as adults, if we never teach them about the True God? 

Eric J. Rose 
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