Cleaning a Bathroom

Bathrooms are very necessary, but can be gross to clean, especially if one sibling has to clean-up after another sibling. 
But middle-graders should know how to clean a bathroom. While writing this, I am caring for my wife after surgery. 
Part of my job right now is keeping the bathroom clean. Often, sick people leave bathrooms dirtier that healthy people. 

So, if I can do it, you can do it. Let’s get started. Keep in mind that if you are very young, your Adult may not let you use certain cleaning chemicals, and you should ask before using them. But here is a general outline of how to clean: 

1) If you are allowed to use chemical toilet cleaner, squirt the bowl to start cleaning. Wear rubber gloves and safety
    glasses as directed.
2) Take dirty drinking glasses or coffee cups to the kitchen. 
3) Gather up all dirty laundry and used towels and take them to the laundry, including the bath mats.  
    Change bath mats on cleaning day.    
4) Empty the wastebasket.  (Girls' hygiene products should be thrown away, not flushed. They can clog the drain, 
    causing a plumbing bill).
5) Put away all put-awayable bathroom stuff. Bathrooms have cabinets and shelves for a purpose. 
6) Dust for cobwebs. Bathrooms seem to gather more cobwebs than other rooms, because of the lint from towels.   
7) Clean sink and countertop, and doorknobs. (and the soap dish)
8) Clean tub/shower with tools and products as your Adult advises. Shower curtains need cleaned too, occasionally. 
9) Clean the toilet. If you swish the toilet each morning or two, with just a toilet brush, 
     your toilet will always be cleaner and easier to clean. 
       Tub spray cleaner is good to use on the outside of the toilet. 
       Remember to lift the seat and get that icky spot. Clean the underside of the toilet seat too. 
10) Wash the mirror and inside window, as needed. Mirrors can be wiped down after a shower, with your towel. 
11) Scrub the floor. Clean around and behind the toilet with an old washcloth. Let the floor dry before putting down
      clean mats. 
12) Bring in and put away clean bathroom linen from the laundry room.
13) As you leave, spray the room with disinfectant. 


Eric J. Rose
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