Business Intro

In your adult life, you will cross paths with many businesses. 
You will be customers of some businesses.
Some of you will work for businesses. 
Some of you will start your own businesses. (The photo is a shoe-shine boy working his business)
Adel had a shoe-shine booth on the courthouse square. 
While Barton shined his own shoes occasionally, he had them professionally-shined once a year, on his birthday.

It’s a good idea to understand how businesses work, so we can deal with them in a happy manner. 

Many of you, as business owners, or as employees, will need to know how to deal with customers in a helpful and polite, 
yet direct manner. 

Even people who work in government, like County Sheriffs and school teachers have customers. 
Every citizen is a customer of the government agency they deal with, 
and we have the right to be dealt with honestly and respectfully.

Your electric company is a business, but so is your dentist’s office. 
If your dentist can’t keep the office open as a business, no teeth will be fixed. 

So let’s see how businesses operate. 

Eric J. Rose
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