Many young people have never heard the word ‘modesty’, yet everyone should learn and practice modesty. 

What is modesty? There are many definitions. 

For me: Modesty is simply understanding who is entitled to a certain part of you 
and then sharing yourself with them as is appropriate. 

Part of modesty is not forcing yourself onto people, except in sports or board games. 
Sometimes, a lack of modesty is called bragging, the opposite of humility. (see photo)
If you do something well, the people that need to know, will know. 
While we may advertise our businesses for having certain qualities, 
in our personal lives, we need to be careful about 'inappropriate self-promotion'.
Modesty in attention. 
We don’t deserve everyone’s attention all the time. 
People who talk loud, or constantly wanting to hog the conversation are immodest. 
And this goes for learning-events in school, church or other public meetings. 
If we’re not up front when the teaching time is on, we shouldn’t be talking - It distracts others. 
What you think of the speaker's tie or hair-do is not something to discuss with others during the speech.

Modesty in actions: Bullying is immodesty. It is a form attention-grabbing; yet another needy creature trying to draw attention to themselves.

Modesty in dress: Some girls try to draw attention away from other girls by wearing less clothes than other girls. 
As boys grow up, they like to look at girls. 
The girls who show the most skin, often get the most attention, but may also end up pregnant in high school with a resentful ex-boyfriend who will have to pay child support once he becomes an adult. 

Modesty in affection: Males and females should be modest in affection, not doing things that make babies 
until they marry and can provide a home for the baby they make. 
If a girl that thinks she is guaranteed a husband by getting pregnant, she is self-deceived. 
It happens sometimes, but 'The Maury Show' proves that pregnancy is not a guaranteed path to marriage.
Teenagers should watch 'The Maury Show' every Friday afternoon.

While I am keeping many secrets from you on this website because of your age, I will tell you this openly. 
Just because a boy tells a girl he loves her when her belly is flat, doesn’t mean he will love her with his baby in her belly. 

‘Marriage First’ is the best proof that a man will love a woman even when she is pregnant.  
My kids weren't allowed to date until they were 18.
An adult-dating-age is a form of modesty.

Eric J Rose
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