Time Management

'Time Management' is an important skill for people of all ages. 
This means using your time in a way that gives you the best return on your time, 
be it school stuff, chore stuff, friend stuff, learning stuff or play stuff. 

We are given two things completely free in life, as long as we live; 
air to breathe and a certain amount of time. 

And we need to manage our time so that we can be respectable people, 
because... promises matter, and keeping or breaking promises is often a time-management issue. 

Good time-managers understand the term 'lead-time'.
An example: Your dad tears out the picture window that you put a baseball though, then goes to the lumberyard to buy a new one. He is told the new window will be ready in 15 days. 
Oops. That 15 days is the lead-time I spoke of. 

Everything we do takes time, and some people try to do too much. 
And there are those who use their sleep-time on other things. 
Our bodies require a certain amount of sleep each day. 

Other people do too little of certain things, and their lives show it. 

Each week has 168 hours. You will spend them all, every week, even if you spend them doing nothing. 
Time is like money; it can be spent and wasted at the same time. 
But unlike money, time cannot be put in a bank account and retrieved later. 
Time is free, but it's a shame to waste it.  

But shouldn’t we  have some leisure time? Of course we should. 
Even animals rest and play, and Sunday afternoon naps are a true pleasure for adults.

Always Late.......
There are some people that always seem to be late.
Late for appointments, or with homework, or to the party.
Why is this? Here are a few different reasons:

1) Lack of focus. It takes focus to be on time. Some people are continually distracted and undisciplined. 
    Many of them want to be distracted, to avoid reality.
2) Control. Some people are determined to prove they have full control over their lives. One way they do this is 
     by being intentionally late, even to appointments THEY initiated. Their lives are aggravating, perpetual
    demonstations of their personal-sovereignty.
3) Attention. A person walking into a room of 20 people will get more attention than a person walking into a room
    of 3 people.  Simple math. Some people are late just for the attention. You can ignore them.
Tardiness affect school kids. Homework can be late for any of these three reasons:

1) Some kids don't focus long enough to complete homework
2) Some kids refuse to do homework, to show they are in control in their own lives. 
    The harvest of this habit is not pleasant. 
3) For some kids, the scoldings they get for late homework is the only attention they get.

Eric J. Rose
photo: EJR

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