Driving Legally

To drive a car, you need more than just a car. 
You also need: 

1) A Driver’s License or Operator’s Permit. 
2) The car needs to be registered with the county government where the owner lives. 
3) Liability insurance, and if the car is under a loan, C&C insurance. 

If you are under-age, you will first need a Learner’s Permit to drive, and a licensed adult relative, 21 or older, in the car with you. (or a non-relative, with written permission from your legal adult).
Permits and licenses are issued by the local county government.  

Some states have POPs; Provisional Operator’s Permits, which let 16 year-olds drive without an adult present, 
but they need to drive safely for one year without an accident or ticket, before they can get a regular Driver’s License. 

And the car you drive? Some states required periodic safety inspections. Virtually all states require the car be properly registered and insured. They require cars be registered to the proper owner to help track cars that are stolen.

Why do we insure our cars? 
Because when people drive, accidents happen, even when we think we are driving safely. 
Even more accidents happen to those who ignore traffic laws, 
and even, even, even more accidents happen with impaired driving, like drunk driving, texting, etc. 

And if we cause an acccident, we need to make things right with the people in the other car. 
Insurance companies, for a certain price, agree  to take a certain level of financial liability, or accountability for an accident, 
if a driver they insure is found to be responsible for an accident. 

C&C insurance is Collision and Comprehensive insurance. It repairs your own car, after an accident that was your fault. 
When banks loan people money to buy a car, what would happen if they had a wreck and no C&C insurance? 
Banks would lose money. Insurance is how banks protect themselves. 

Do these things, and enjoy driving.

Eric J. Rose
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