Job Skills Intro

OK, I'm hungry now.

As children grow into adults, they become capable of doing more things for themsleves. 
Being an adult means more self-sufficiency; looking after one’s own needs. 

Young people need to develop themselves, both in character traits, and in jobs skills. 
Job skills, and with positive character traits, increase the opportunities for young adults to live happy, productive lives. 

The point of this section is to tell you about things you can learn to make your life richer,
jobs skills that make you more employable,
things to make you capable of owning a successful business,
which will also make you a better parent.

Someone who knows how to use a bicycle tire pump is a better parent than if they didn't know it.
And knowing how to use compressed air can be a job skill.
Barton knew how to use a tire pump, though cars came along when he was in his 50s.

Knowing how to bake and frost a cake is a job skill at work and at home.
Barton loved chocolate cake.
The cakes in the photo above took a lot of learnable skills to make.
Barton really loved chocolate cake.

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