As we go through life, no matter our age, there are rules to follow. 

While kids believe there are fewer rules for adults, this is not the case. 
Every skill we learn has rules attached, as does every relationship we commit to.
(once you learned to ride a bike, you had bike-rules to follow, eh?, including the law of gravity)
People have rules added to them when they become legal adults.
We’ve discussed driving rules for adults, and there are rules for nearly every part of adult life. 
Remember how Sophie's dad talked about electing county officials? 
County officials exist to enforce rules, mostly rules for adults.

It is a rule that adults have to educate their kids, beginning a certain age. 
It is a rule that adults have to pay for things they buy on contract. 
It is a rule that we can’t dig up bodies from the cemetery just to see what they look like after a few years in the ground. 
It is a rule that we can't make too much noise, especially at night. Emergency sirens are exempt from this rule. 
It is a rule that we can’t spray paint someone else’s garage door if they play their music too loud.  
It is a rule that we can’t take someone else’s dog home with us, without their permission. 

There are a lot of rules that generally, distill down to the Golden Rule, 
“Treat others the ways you would want them to do to you."

Now, as Jesus taught it, this works in both the negative and the positive sense. 

In the negative sense, it means:     “Don’t hurt others in ways that you wouldn’t want others to hurt you.” 
In the positive sense, it means:      “Help others in the ways you would want others to help you, if you were in need." 

If we, as children and adults, would comply with the Golden Rule, there would be fewer hurting people in the world.  

Eric J. Rose
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