Urges Intro

Throughout life, we all feel urges to do different things. 

As babies, we get thirsty and drink, then need to urinate. We have no control of the thirst. 
But when we go to school, we can’t drink whenever we want to, and we have to learn to manage potty urges. 

When mom washes our baby-face with a wet cloth, we can’t breathe for a second, we gasp, with an urge to breathe. 
This is how we are designed. But when we are older, if want to learn to swim, or blow out candles on our birthday cake, 
we need to learn to intentionally hold our breathe. 

As we grow up, a part of being successful is understanding the urges we have; how to suppress bad urges, and how to follow good urges. We need to manage those urges for the benefit of everyone. 

Managing our urges is what this section is about. 

Eric J. Rose
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