Middle-grade Mysteries 

Hello Middle-graders and your Adults.       
I have a website full of mysteries for you to explore. 

The first mystery is a novel called ‘The Mystery at Dallas County, Iowa’. 
The picture is the county courthouse where the mystery takes place.
This story is about a pair of cousins who cross paths with people who lived a long time ago, through items they left behind. 

And while the story is fiction, many of the places actually exist, 
and the lifestyles written of, were common to people who lived a long time ago.  
To read the story, scroll over 'Dallas County: Sec 1', choose your chapter and begin.
Sec 1 has chapters 1 -10. Etc.
NOTE: There are a lot of heading options at the top of the page. You have to be clever in the way you sneak up on them. 
For the middle row, slide from one side in toward the topic you want.
The rest of this website is my ‘Life-brary’, exploring and explaining real-life mysteries to you.    
Everything we don’t know is a mystery. 
Many people don't understand why some pirates wore eyemasks.                                                                                                              Driving a car is a mystery to anyone who has never driven. 
Making glass is a mystery to those who don't understand the process.   
Steam locomotives are a mystery to those who don't understand the science behind them.

We will disuss all this and more.                                                                                                                 

And most of all, I want to teach you about the personal value that you have.
I made this website because, even though I have never met you, I know you have value and great potential.
I want you to help you reach your full potential.                                                                                                                                                                                    
Of course, I expect you to share this website with the adults in your life. They should review it before you read it. 
They too, might find learn some interesting stuff, like how red cabbage juice can be used in scientific tests.                                          
I hope you will like this website so much, you will share it with friends and cousins. 

A special note: Some of you live with your bio-parents, some of you live with grandparents. 
Some of you are adopted or are in fostercare.
Therefore, I will use the word 'Adult', which means 'Parent or legal guardian' when talking about the adults in your life that help you make choices and direct your life.

Happy Reading!

Eric J. Rose 
photo: EJR


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