Job Training

The job you hold is often determined by the training you choose. 
but, the first important job training you should get is...... YOUR HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA.

Some jobs give training while working. This is called 'OJT', On-the-job-Training. 
Some jobs need training, done on-site, like washing dishes in a cafe. 
Other jobs require a lot of training, like electrical work, which can be learned at community college. 
Some jobs come through the family, and training comes while growing up in the business. 
Some jobs require years of class-room education, like accounting and engineering. 
Some jobs require extensive classroom education, like dentistry, but also require on-site training, with patients. 

Some employers, like the US Military, provide a lot of training in specific job skills. Even though the training is first meant to help the military, many military job skills are transferrable to civilian-life, AAANNDD, military service offers extended education benefits nearly unavailable anywhere else. 

Working in a factory can offer the opportunity to learn new skill sets that you might be able to use elsewhere.
One department will ask for overtime volunteers to help them after the regular shift. 
This is an opportunity to learn something new and to prove yourself reliable and useful.
And one can always go to night school to learn a different trade while still putting food on the table. 
I went to school, off and on, for 22 years, to get my college degree, while working full-time.

So, let’s pretend you are making decisions about getting a job as a full-grown adult. 
(We are not talking about high school jobs now.) 

1) Decide if you want to work a local job, to stay near family, 
    or if you need to move, to do the kind of work you really want to do. 
2) Also, decide if you simply want to live somewhere else, and need a job that is available where you want to live. 
    (not a lot of surfing instructors are needed in Albuquerque, but hot air ballooners love that city.) 
3) Decide if you want a job with skills that require formal schooling. 
4) Decide if the cost of the education is worth the pay you would receive. 
5) Decide if the schooling requires you to move away from home. 
6) Decide of the military might be a good option for you. 

This checklist will help you form a dream for your working future, and help you move in the correct direction. 

Again, the first level of job training is..........your, Your, YOUR..........HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA.
Without a high school diploma, you will not be eligible for many other kinds of job training.

I am going to tell you a secret:
I dropped out of high school when I was 17, 
but then I went back and finished school when my plans didn't work out.
It's an embarrassing part of my life to tell, and I'm not giving details,
but maybe telling this will help others stay in school and graduate.
The only thing easy to get into, without a high school diploma, is trouble and jail.
No, I didn't go to jail, I went back to school, and finished.
And have since, gotten a college degree, various certifications, etc.

Eric J. Rose
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